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Energy Efficient Products - Ewinergy

About Us

Winergy is an energy software company that helps householders meet energy efficient solutions and technologies to save energy at home.We provide a sustainable analytic tool which autonomously analyzes the energy efficiency of households based on household needs, consumption characteristics, the efficiency of existing devices, and regional climatic conditions (ZIP Codes) derived through online questionnaires.
WINERGY manages to calculate the energy efficiency index of any type of house in a certain and accurate way through the instrument of its Analytic Tool. Hence, WINERGY determines the energy consumption problems for householders and help householders being aware of their unconsciousness about energy efficiency. The first step to use energy productively at home is to determine energy consumption problems correctly. Here, we do our best with you.
We present a personalized energy efficiency report to householders to enable them to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emission to the environment. This report includes the analyses of the consumption of electricity, gas and water and presents personalized energy efficiency tips to householders. It is the first step of our long service.

Energy Efficient Products

Energy Efficient Products

You decided to increase your energy efficiency but still do not know how to find for an appropriate product? Do not worry! As WINERGY, we offered you detailed lists where you can find them at “Energy Efficient Products” tab. They are divided into four segments such as HVAC, Electricity, Water, and Electronics for you to be searched out easily.

Hundreds of energy efficient products are arranged depending on your shopping interests and preferences. At the upper part of segments, it is shown the greener product. Also, with the partnership of “Amazon”, we provide you to take advantages of seeing the prices of each products and comparing their features. Moreover, you can effortlessly check whether a product is available on your country or not. Besides, there is a review section which may give you further opinions about your probable purchases owing to the other user’s feedbacks. 

With all these assistances, now it is quite manageable for you to find the optimal products, to do so increasing your house’s energy efficiency. Take a quick look, and discover the right products for you, for your house, and for your energy efficiency.

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