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Terms and Conditions - Ewinergy

About Us

Winergy is an energy software company that helps householders meet energy efficient solutions and technologies to save energy at home.We provide a sustainable analytic tool which autonomously analyzes the energy efficiency of households based on household needs, consumption characteristics, the efficiency of existing devices, and regional climatic conditions (ZIP Codes) derived through online questionnaires.
WINERGY manages to calculate the energy efficiency index of any type of house in a certain and accurate way through the instrument of its Analytic Tool. Hence, WINERGY determines the energy consumption problems for householders and help householders being aware of their unconsciousness about energy efficiency. The first step to use energy productively at home is to determine energy consumption problems correctly. Here, we do our best with you.
We present a personalized energy efficiency report to householders to enable them to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emission to the environment. This report includes the analyses of the consumption of electricity, gas and water and presents personalized energy efficiency tips to householders. It is the first step of our long service.

Terms and Conditions


The relationship between the parties shall only be deemed to be based on the information provided by WINERGY on the site of the BUYER; It consists of a sustainable analytical tool report service that analyzes autonomously based on the needs, consumption characteristics, the efficiency of the devices it uses and the regional climatic conditions (ZIP Codes) obtained through online surveys.

There are paid and free services on site. The PURCHASER can learn the energy points of the house for free through the site. External services are available for a fee. BUYER job 59 from the report include taxes while the persons specified in this contract, or $ resident in Turkey the time of payment made $ 59 ‘s which corresponds to the current wolf will benefit in exchange for Turkish Lira fee.

After the PURCHASER approves the contract and completes the fee payment process, an immediate report on energy efficiency shall be prepared by means of the analytical tool to be filled. The report will be sent by the PURCHASER to the e-mail address given during the member registration process and also the download will be allowed through the site. The report to be submitted to the PURCHASER shall include the recommendations of Electrical-Heating-Cooling-Water-Isolation Analysis, Energy Efficient Products and the results of the analysis.

As a result of the analytical tool to be filled by the PURCHASER, a report will be issued once, but after the contract is approved, the PURCHASER will be provided with energy consultancy (feedback) service once a month for a period of one year. After a period of one year, the provisions of the contract shall automatically terminate without any notification.

In case the report is issued after the wrong information entered in the analytical tool, if the BUYER contacts WİNERGY in the mail environment and reports the error, the report will be issued once again with the information given by the BUYER by WINNER and will be sent to the BUYER.


The service provided by WINERGY pursuant to Article 15 paragraph of the Regulation on Distance Contracts is performed immediately in the electronic environment and the report is delivered to the BUYER immediately after filling the analytical tool. The service offered by WINERGY is non-refundable due to its nature and the right of withdrawal cannot be used after the approval of the contract.