Based on our findings, we believe that personalized energy efficiency solutions play a critical role in using energy productively. Since it refers to paying more attention to the many differences between consumers.

The philosophy of the proposed approach is based on the provision of personalized services that can lead to an increase in the success rate. Recommendation mechanisms are applied for real-time reasoning over the available data and provision of suggestions for personalized actions that can lead to improving energy ef´Čüciency through home-specific solutions.

Through personalization in customer service, we gain a better and more in-depth understanding of their current and potential customer base. The greater the understanding of the customer needs and expectations, the more individualized products, and services we can create for our customers. Access to personalized data taken from householders is considered very helpful for realizing comparisons, providing input to data mining and analysis processes as well as describing rules that can lead to personalized recommendations.

WINERGY calculates the energy efficiency index of any type of house and determines energy consumption problems based on personalized data taken from householders. We present a personalized energy efficiency report to householders to enable them to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emission to the environment. This report includes analyses of the consumption of electricity, gas, and water and presents personalized energy efficiency tips to householders. It is the first step of our long service.