About Us

Winergy is an energy software company that helps householders meet energy efficient solutions and technologies to save energy at home.We provide a sustainable analytic tool which autonomously analyzes the energy efficiency of households based on household needs, consumption characteristics, the efficiency of existing devices, and regional climatic conditions (ZIP Codes) derived through online questionnaires.
WINERGY manages to calculate the energy efficiency index of any type of house in a certain and accurate way through the instrument of its Analytic Tool. Hence, WINERGY determines the energy consumption problems for householders and help householders being aware of their unconsciousness about energy efficiency. The first step to use energy productively at home is to determine energy consumption problems correctly. Here, we do our best with you.
We present a personalized energy efficiency report to householders to enable them to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emission to the environment. This report includes the analyses of the consumption of electricity, gas and water and presents personalized energy efficiency tips to householders. It is the first step of our long service.


New global commitment report reveals progress towards eliminating plastic pollution

Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UN Environment Programme publish first annual New Plastics Economy Global Commitment progress report Companies set out actions to eliminate problematic plastic packaging, and increase the use of recycled plastic in packaging by more than five-fold by 2025 Unilever, Mars, Incorporated, and PepsiCo announce significant reductions in virgin plastic use by 2025 … Continue reading“New global commitment report reveals progress towards eliminating plastic pollution”

How to protect forests and wildlife while surrounding communities benefit—the first REDD+ project in the world

Tsavo region is known for its dry spells. It is no easy place for people and cattle to survive or make a living. One day, an American businessman who came to do a safari in Kenya fell in love with its wildlife but noticed the difficulties the communities around the wildlife sanctuaries faced. He set … Continue reading“How to protect forests and wildlife while surrounding communities benefit—the first REDD+ project in the world”

Three ways we can better use nitrogen in farming

Without nitrogen, most of the world’s crops wouldn’t exist. Nitrogen is to corn, wheat and rice, what water is to fish. Yearly, more than 100 million tonnes of nitrogen are applied to crops in the form of fertilizer, helping them grow stronger and better. But issues arise when nitrogen run-off occurs, polluting air, water and … Continue reading“Three ways we can better use nitrogen in farming”

Have your say on energy efficiency

The International Energy Agency is inviting input from people around the world on ways to jump-start progress on energy efficiency. The contributions will help to inform the work of the Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency. Established earlier this year, the Global Commission now has 21 members, including national leaders, current and former ministers, … Continue reading“Have your say on energy efficiency”

Oil Market Report: Back to business as usual

Oil markets in September withstood a textbook case of a large-scale supply disruption as the attacks on Saudi Arabia temporarily affected about 5.7 mb/d of crude production capacity. On Monday 16 September, the first trading day following the attacks, after an initial spike to $71/bbl Brent prices fell back as it became clear that the … Continue reading“Oil Market Report: Back to business as usual”

Detail by detail Notes on Selecting Keno Patterns In Step by Step Order

Most frequently found keno motifs:Simply because it could look at, there are actually kinds of motifs utilized by a keno players if they’re betting. Should they be trying to play working with unique appointments correlated therefore to their people, they must substitute dob along with the year involving delivery, simply because this offer you a … Continue reading