Energy efficiency is simply about getting more work done with the same amount of energy or getting the same amount of work done with lesser energy expended.

Energy efficiency is not only applicable to industries or businesses, but it is also important for our living spaces such as offices, homes, etc. In our modern world today, where many of our day-to-day activities now depend on various electrical or electronic appliances in our living spaces. It plays an important part in meeting the world’s energy needs without increasing energy consumption.

All of us use energy every day for our cooking, heating & cooling our homes, lighting, and entertainment. To maintain our quality of life, we must use our energy resources wisely. The energy sources we rely very much on today – fossil fuels – are nonrenewable. In order words, they would run out one day, and very soon, if we do not use these supplies carefully. Moreover, the use of these carbon-producing fuels also contributes substantially to the pollution of our environment and global warming. As such, these energy supplies need to be used with caution. The lesser we use, the better it would be for the environment.

WINERGY calculates the energy efficiency index of any type of house and determines energy consumption problems based on personalized data taken from householders. Based on home-specific evaluation of energy consumption at homes, the personalized energy efficiency report we present to householders includes energy efficiency tips that help householders cutting energy bills and reducing carbon emission to the environment. Home-specific energy efficiency tips we suggest enable householders to use energy productively and they are practicable easily and efficient to reduce the consumption of electricity, heating cooling and water.

And do not underestimate this amount of energy that could be saved through energy efficiency.