Global Energy Development: The Reality and Challenges

Global electricity consumption has continued to go up rapidly at a rate faster than energy consumption. Between 1980 and 2013, the world’s annual electricity consumption rose from 7300 TWh to 22,100 TWh. Since the twenty-first century, global electricity consumption has seen even faster growth, as evidenced by an average annual increase of 3.4%, 1.2 percentage points higher than the average annual growth of energy consumption. Fig. 1.28 shows global electricity consumption from 1980–2013.

As a vital need for aggressively expanding the world’s demand for energy resources, every each second human civilization consuming more energy needs better or otherwise unlimited energy resources. Assuming that only resources we have are non-renewable ones, we have no chance but to save the energy we already have.

The excessive cost of generating renewable energy resources makes using these resources harder and unaffordable for governments. Governments should take some other measurements to not to immediately shift to the renewable resources but to use actual nonrenewable resources far more efficiently. Considering householders, citizens of a country direct government actions, the first appliers for saving energy must be those people at first sight.

WINERGY aims to save energy at housing scale, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy bills and carbon emissions to the environment. WINERGY enables householders to use their energy efficiently at home because it holds that we don’t need to have power resources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries, to achieve energy efficiency since the energy at home, is the first source to make home energy efficient. Also reducing the use of fossil energy resources at residential zones means less pollution, more breathable space, healthier atmosphere and many more benefits for humans as biological beings.

The main objective of Winergy Tech is to help householders to reduce energy bills and awake the energy efficiency awareness at homes. Compared to other solutions for energy efficiency at home, WINERGY presents solutions that are associated with the term “think once, win forever”. As Winergy Tech, our solutions are based on engineering consulting. We help the householders to meet right and efficient engineering tools for saving energy at home.