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Waste Management Hierarchy - Ewinergy

About Us

Winergy is an energy software company that helps householders meet energy efficient solutions and technologies to save energy at home.We provide a sustainable analytic tool which autonomously analyzes the energy efficiency of households based on household needs, consumption characteristics, the efficiency of existing devices, and regional climatic conditions (ZIP Codes) derived through online questionnaires.
WINERGY manages to calculate the energy efficiency index of any type of house in a certain and accurate way through the instrument of its Analytic Tool. Hence, WINERGY determines the energy consumption problems for householders and help householders being aware of their unconsciousness about energy efficiency. The first step to use energy productively at home is to determine energy consumption problems correctly. Here, we do our best with you.
We present a personalized energy efficiency report to householders to enable them to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emission to the environment. This report includes the analyses of the consumption of electricity, gas and water and presents personalized energy efficiency tips to householders. It is the first step of our long service.

Waste Management Hierarchy

Waste Management Hierarchy

Waste management hierarchy is the way of thinking that how we can use products beneficially, and how we can generate less waste. In past, this understanding of management of waste has the reverse order. When we had waste, we got over it with disposal method. However, this method has drawbacks in general idea of waste managing, and so it is the least desired option now. At the top of the demonstrated pyramid, we have to do prevent the production of waste, or reduce the amount generated. In the second step, by minimisation, we reduce the toxicity or negative impacts of the waste that is generated. Then, we reuse in the current forms of materials recoverd from the waste stream. By recycling, composting, or recovering, we use materials as direct or indirect inputs to new products. In the energy recovering option, we recover energy by incineration, anaerobic digestion or similar processes. It reduces the volume of waste prior to disposal. And the final preference, we dispose residual solid waste in an enviromentally sound manner, generally in landfills.

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